Monday, November 06, 2006

How I Will Vote Tomorrow

Republicans for state office and Senate, independent for Congress, no Democrats if that is the only choice, no on all ballot questions. Here are the details:

Governor: Kerry Healy (R), she's not as conservative as I would like, but the options are much worse
Lt. Governor: Reed Hillman (R), see above
Attorney General: Larry Frisoli (R), see above
US Senate: Kenneth Chase (R), anybody but Kennedy
US Congress: Billy Szych (I), his opponent, John Olver, is ranked as one of the most liberal Congressman in Washington
Question 1-Allow grocery stores to sell wine: No, I oppose any action that increases access to alcohol
Question 2-List candidates multiple times, once for each party that nominates them: No, too complicated. The U.S. form of gvernment is not parliamentary. We elect people who happen to be members of parties, not parties who happen to have candidates. I tend to vote for Republican candidates because their views are similar to mine not solely because they are Republican. I would vote for this question if it had each candidate listed only once, but allowed multiple parties to be listed after their name.
Question 3-Unionize family daycare: No, I oppose anything anything that increases the power of unions. They are antiquated, undemocratic, repressive institutions that should be abolished. Plus it will raise the cost of daycare at no benefit to the children.

Please vote early, please vote often :)