Friday, September 29, 2006

Ignorance is _____

I almost never post about local issues because providing the context required to understand them would be too much for most to read. In this case I have a short message to deliver and don't care about giving context. I'll put some links at the bottom if you want to do your own research.
[soapbox on]
Dear Mr. K.B., your twisted logic implying that I somehow support or am similar to Mr. Bill J. Clinton is totally bassackwards. If you could actually read and comprehend what I've written here and on the BYF then you would know what I think of that particular ex-(thank goodness)-President. Furthermore, your reasoning and ethics are as twisted as his which is why I won't post on your little board. Go away and leave everyone alone.
[soapbox off] Ahh, that feels better.

For everyone else, here is the information needed to get started. Good luck, don't get lost:
Town of Winchendon
Winchendon Backyard Fence Forum

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The time has come for most of the roosters in our new flock to go to the great barnyard in the sky with their carcasses destined for our freezer. Nine of them will be going to slaughter in three and half weeks. Most of them are Barred Rocks. One of them is our Turken (see example to the right).

We are keeping a few of the Barred Rocks just for looks and I wish we could keep the Turken as well because it is a very interesting looking chicken. However, it is the closest thing to a neurotic chicken I have ever seen. It stays inside the coop all the time. I only saw it outside once this whole summer and it ran back inside at the slightest noise.

Ah well, at least it will be good for something in the pot. Hmmm, maybe there's a lesson here for liberal moonbats who are as neurotic about Iraq.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wynne Shoots Good Idea in the Foot

From CNN:
Nonlethal weapons such as high-power microwave devices should be used on American citizens in crowd-control situations before being used on the battlefield, the Air Force secretary said Tuesday.
Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne really needs to think about what he is saying before sticking his foot in his mouth. Testing weapons, even non-lethal ones, on non-volunteer Americans sounds like a really bad idea. Stated that way it is.

However, there is a very good idea behind what Mr. Wynne was trying to say. Anyone who has been following what our military has actually been doing the last 10 years will note that they do a whole lot more nation-building, peace-keeping, and policing than actual combat. At the same time their arsenal for such non-lethal situations is woefully inadequate. They need better non-lethal weapons as an addition to their weapons mix to match the missions they now have.

How do you select which kinds of non-lethal weapons to add? It stands to reason that those which are proven effective in action should be used. What I hope Mr. Wynne was saying is that the military should be using non-lethal weapons that have been shown to be effective in police actions because those are the situations that the Air Force finds itself in.

Law enforcement agencies already have these kinds of weapons and continue to acquire new ones. They use them when necessary: No need to arrange any specific tests. Some of them do work better than others. That is where the Air Force should go to find out what works and then acquire their non-lethal weapons accordingly.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Sports Spots

The Red Sox pull the plug: The curse returns. Personally I think it all when south when their starting catcher, Jason Varitek, went down. The catcher plays a big part in helping the pitchers; I mean he calls the pitches, right? Mirabelli was OK as Wakefield's catcher but since Wake is down too he's clearly not up to handling anyone else. It's obvious to me that not one of the catchers they've tried since Jason was injured is much good at handling the staff that's left. Mail it in from here on out.

It's an improvement, but I'm still disappointed in the U.S. Basketball team. Clearly they're more of a team than any in recent memory, but next time they've got to round out the talent with some shooters and big men. Teamwork, speed and hussle are all good and necessary, but the object is to get the ball in the hole and stop the other team from doing the same. We'll see how the respond in their final game.

Go Andre.

Way to go Georgia.