Friday, February 27, 2009


John Bolton on Barack Obama*:
Being inconsistent or deceptive is not the same thing as being a moderate.

*from World Magazine Blog

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rat Resurfaces

The rat that is Northeast Traders resurfaces again:
It seems that while every store in the state sells them. They are not on the approved Roster. I came into work last night to find them all locked up back in the cage.

It seems someone came into the store, I was told, on Saturday to return a 22A that he bought from Bass Pro.

From what I was told yesterday by several different people...

He went into Northeast Trading and was talking about the 22A he bought from Bass Pro. He was told by someone there that it was a felony to own the pistol, and he needed to take it back.

So, he came back on Saturday, as I posted above, and was freaking out that he was going to go to Jail and demanded that we take it back.

So, we took it back, we removed them from the shelves.
As I've said before with regard to their history, Northeast Trading is a lying, scum of the earth dealer who is an enemy of gun owners in Massachusetts and should be boycotted by us all. Just so you know who he is here is the address and contact information:

Northeast Trading Company
Rt. 152/580 Kelley Blvd.
North Attleboro, MA 02760
508-695-4852 or 800-473-3006
Read, heed and avoid

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The First Skirmish

The White House does it's best "General Gage":

and the colonists respond*:

*found via Oraculations

Friday, February 20, 2009


Taxes? We don't pay no sticking taxes! We just print money and spend it.
George Stephanopoulos’s Buddy Rahm Emanuel in Possible Tax Trouble
The Washington Times and New York Daily News, among other news outlets, have reported that, as a member of Congress, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel received rent-free accommodations from Representative Rosa DeLauro for five years, raising the question of whether Emanuel properly complied with gift rules for House members and whether he should have paid taxes on the imputed income of the gift.
Another Obama administration appointee or official has tax issues.

Government accountability takes yet another combination to the body:
The RAT hiding deep inside the stimulus bill
In the name of accountability and transparency, Congress has given the RAT Board the authority to ask “that an inspector general conduct or refrain from conducting an audit or investigation.”
The language means that the board — whose chairman will be appointed by the president — can reach deep inside a federal agency and tell an inspector general to lay off some particularly sensitive subject. Or, conversely, it can tell the inspector general to go after a tempting political target.
There appears to be some confusion on the part of the current administration about the differences between power, independence and transparency.

In the end, when you have a nation of farmers and merchants that is where their revolution begins. When you have a nation of capitalists where does that revolution begin? Here's one possibility:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


From Gonzo’s Bar & Go-Go Grill (found via Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler):
When I first opened my old computer repair shop, it was a part time weekend and evening thing, a one man operation. To this end, I bought an old service station which had been converted to a pizza shop, both businesses of which were defunct...

Imagine my surprise when I go there the other night and find that there are people parked there...

As I walked in, I had opportunity to look at the bumpers of the cars parked there.

“Obama ‘08.” “Hope. Change.” “Obama/Biden.” All three cars belonging to LIBERALS. One loaded down with pithy little bumpersticker philosophies that Liberals so love.

On my [bleep]ing property...
Read the rest for the heartwarming part.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Done Deal

I've not blogged on the stimulus bill because there was more than enough information out there for anyone who wanted to know. There wasn't much I felt I could add to the debate. Also it was pretty clear it was going to pass regardless of what anyone said.

Interesting though is the fact that it did pass given there was much public hue and cry about the fraud, waste and abuse in this bill. Furthermore, I've only met a few people that were for the bill, and they're involved in our local government which will be receiving money from this bill. Much of the reporting and public opinion was critical of this bill, yet it still passed. Why?

For example, back in 2007 immigration reform legislation was introduced with strong support from the President and the leadership of both parties, yet that legislation failed spectacularly. Public opinion at the time was very divided but it seemed to me that there was more public support for that legislation than there was for this bill. Why did that one fail and this one pass?

I suspect either people were not contacting their Congress-critters this time around to express their displeasure; or, more likely, Congress simply ignored the opinion of their constituents and did what they wanted this time. Yet another example of politics as usual.

For those of you who what to do something about the politics as usual here are links to the roll call votes in the House and the Senate:
Initial House vote
House vote on final compromise bill
Vote to end debate (filibuster) in Senate
Initial Senate vote
Senate vote on final compromise bill
I encourage you to look up your Senators and Representative and express your opinion of them regarding this bill in word and at the ballot box.

Monday, February 09, 2009

"W" Now Equals "N"

Today I learned that "wetback" is the new "n" word. I knew it was an insulting term to some people, but not having spent much time in areas of the country with large Hispanic populations I did not realize that etymological evolution had raised the "w" word to offensive equality with the "n" word. Live and learn, I guess.

This got me thinking that we Caucasians are losing the cultural war because we don't have a universally-recognized offensive appellation for ourselves. Some candidates that come to mind are "whitey", "honky", "cracker" and "yankee". The first two tend to only have applicability in black-on-white interactions. The last two tend to have geographic constraints. Someone from the Northeast is not likely to be much insulted to be called a "yankee": Similarly someone from the Southeast being called a "cracker".

Obviously the answer is to put them all together; whitey-honky-cracker-yankee becomes "whonkeree": That ought to be insulting enough for everyone.

Of course this will require some selling to get it accepted as a terrible insult. All us white guys will have to go around calling each other "wonkeree" then raise holy cane when someone else starts using it:

W1: "Hey whonkeree, how's it hanging?"
W2: "Good, good. What about you whonkeree?"
W1: "Fine, fine." How's the wife and kids?"
W2: "They're well. And yours?"
W1: "Well too. Well, gotta go whonkeree, keep earning that dollar."
W2: "Me too whonkeree, me too"
NW: "What's that you be calling one another 'whonkeree'?"
W1&W2: "HOW DARE YOU USE THAT WORD. DON'T YOU KNOW IT'S TERRIBLY INSULTING TO US? Use that word again and we're going to call a news conference to tell the whole world how we're being persecuted and harassed by people using that word. Anyone who uses that word ought to be shamed and shunned by all society."

Get enough of us whonkerees doing this and the cultural field will be level again in no time.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Difficult Weekend

It's been a difficult weekend here. Our two senior goats died which has everyone upset.

Dawn was the matriarch. She was the first one we got and is the basis for more than half of our herd. She had not been in the best of health for a while but still it was shock when she passed way Friday night.

Gamble was the senior buck and the first buck that we got. The original plan had been to have no bucks on site because of their reputation for being smelly and aggressive. When Gamble came to visit to breed some of the ladies he was such a sweetie that when his owner offered to sell him to us we jumped at it. He too had been in poor health off and on the past year. He was with Dawn when she died which appeared to affect him. Coming so close on the heels of Dawn his death this morning was even more of a shock

All in all a tough weekend

Friday, February 06, 2009

Musings on Onions and MBIs

I ate out at an Outback restaurant the other evening while on a business trip. I was by myself and it was an interesting people-watching experience. Of the nine women seated in the same section I was in four of them were seriously overweight; not morbidly obese, but certainly overweight by more than 50 pounds. Two of the four were accompanied by men who where also noticeably to seriously overweight.

The most amusing couple was also the heaviest. It looked like they spent half the time that they were waiting for their food thumbing their Crackberries. One wonders who they might have been emailing; it certainly didn't look like one another.

As far as the meal itself that was decidedly mixed. The prime rib, steamed veggies and baked potato were very good, done just like I like them. On the other hand service was slow, and they screwed up the blooming onion, twice. The waiter told me the first one came out of the oven burnt. Then someone neglected to remove all of the outer skin on half of the second one. Unfortunately it was mostly the half I took back to my hotel room for a "midnight" snack.

So, what does an elevated average MBI of a restaurant's patrons indicate about said restaurant? In this case nothing, other than it provide some minor amusement to what otherwise would have been a long, lonely, boring, mediocre meal.