Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CBS Hatchet Job

I finally got to see Sarah Has-em-Scared Palin's interview with Karie Couric via YouTube

I thought it was a rather poor interview by Katie Couric and CBS. Katie Couric was clearly trying to attack Senator McCain through Sarah Palin: Her repeating the same questions when they had already been answered made her partiality even more evident.

Also, the questions aired were clearly not the only ones asked as evidenced by the break in venue after the first question. I'm curious where the rest of the interview is and wondering whether CBS cherry-picked only the tough ones.

Even with all that I though Sarah Palin did pretty well. Her response about the American people not supporting the bailout package was downright prescient. She kept her poise pretty well in the face of a hostile, obdurate interniewer.

I only wish she had showed more "barracuda". She should have hit the first and last questions right back at the pitcher, hard. Something like this:
"There is no conflict of interest with Mr. Davis, he has no financial connection to Fannie or Freddie; and while we're discussing that point why not look at how much Fannie and Freddie have contributed directly to Senators Obama and Biden. I might suggest there is far more appearance of conflict of interest there than with Senator McCain or any of his staff."
"You've already pointed out one recent case, which is more than Senators Biden and Obama have. I would think that question would be better answered by your CBS researchers and fact-checkers. I don't have Senator McCain's entire 22 year Senatorial history memorized, as it is rather lengthly unlike Senator Obama's, but I'm sure your researchers can find other instances if they were so inclined.
And so the beat goes on.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Liars by the Dozen

Some much to blog on, so little time. If I have time I'll turn each of these titles into full-blown posts. Until then readers here (few as they may be) should be able to fill in the blanks themselves. These are all easy ones.

Barney Frank is a Liar
And Nancy Pelosi,
And Time

So is Barak Obama, again

And Bruce Wilson is too, as well as being a libeler.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Pummels Obamarama

"Pundits: No clear-cut winner"
Given the bent of the LSM this tells me that McCain won. Personally I didn't watch because we watch very little TV and I've already made up my mind.

The quote that really got me was:
“I’d say a tie is a good thing for the guy who was behind.”
This was from Mr. Castellanos, a so-called Republican strategist, talking about Senator McCain. from what I can tell he appears to be a big government, friend-of-business centrist-left Republican. He's apparently advising McCain, after working on Big-Hair's failed campaign. With friends like that who needs enemies. Has-a-Brain needs to trim his gaggle of advisors.

+1 week ago McCain was in the lead according to the pundits and polls. A week later he is supposedly behind. Personally I think this is due to a combination of factors. First are the concerted efforts by the LSM to push their favorite son. This results in an inbred bias in all their polls and reporting.

The second factor I think is a shift that I believe has taken place in the financial sector. Traditionally big business and finance has been viewed as the domain of the Republican party. I believe that has changed as evidenced by the emergence of high profile hard-core Dhimmocrat supporters such Soros and Buffett. Hence I suspect a, maybe the, tipping factor in the fear and uncertainty that triggered the bank and mortgage crisis at this time was McCain's rise in the polls; a recognition that he could win and their favorite might lose. I have no proof per say, so you'll have to draw your own conclusions, but I do not believe much in coincidences.

More Obamanations

I don't normally listen to Rush but I found this report very interesting. (the audio can be found at the end of this post at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical). Here are some interesting quotes from Rush's report:
The president, in order to let everybody be heard, deferred to various Democrats, and every one of the Democrats -- Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, and Frank -- declined to speak and deferred to Obama. So Obama became the official Democrat spokesman in the meeting. This was to hype Obama's leadership and presidential aura and so forth. What happened next, the first thing out of Obama's mouth -- Paulson is in the meeting -- is he starts ripping the House Republican proposal and asks Paulson what he thinks of it...
It ended up with Obama essentially chairing the meeting, with the meeting falling apart. The president was described as "beleaguered," trying to regain control of the meeting. McCain didn't say hardly anything. Everybody was yelling and screaming in there. McCain did not. He said, "We've gotta put these differences aside, work together," you know, typical McCain...
You see, Obama did not defend the Democrat position on this. He led off with an attack on the Republican position, as though it was a shock and a surprise, under the auspices that this deal had already been agreed to...
So this whole meeting yesterday essentially was established to show off Obama's leadership skills and negotiating skills, and he blew it!
So, contrary to LameStream media reports and the Dhimmocrat leadership it was their boy, the Obamanator, who was responsible for the breakdown, not Has-a-brain McCain.

Do we want such an incompetent liar in charge of our country? I think not. Maybe he should stick to what he does best:

Monday, September 22, 2008


Two good YouTube clips:

John McCain v.s. Barack Obama

Veggie-Burger Hill

Friday, September 19, 2008

Truth Hurts

If you've been operating from a racially oriented world-view most of your life, which is what a "community organizer" does, it's going to come out in ugly ways. As Rush points out let the truth be known:
Mr. Obama's campaign is now trafficking in prejudice of its own making. And in doing so, it is playing with political dynamite. What kind of potential president would let his campaign knowingly extract two incomplete, out-of-context lines from two radio parodies and build a framework of hate around them in order to exploit racial tensions? The segregationists of the 1950s and 1960s were famous for such vile fear-mongering.

Here's the relevant part of the Spanish-language television commercial Mr. Obama is running in Hispanic communities:
"They want us to forget the insults we've put up with . . . the intolerance . . . they made us feel marginalized in this country we love so much."
Then the commercial flashes two quotes from me: ". . . stupid and unskilled Mexicans" and "You shut your mouth or you get out!"

And then a voice says,
"John McCain and his Republican friends have two faces. One that says lies just to get our vote . . . and another, even worse, that continues the policies of George Bush that put special interests ahead of working families. John McCain . . . more of the same old Republican tricks."
And this is not the first time. Obamarama has shown himself very willing to preemptively play the racial victim card in an attempt to use his skin color as a shield from legitimate criticism of his positions and behavior. Don't let this prevaricating dissimulator anywhere near the White House: Vote McCain/Palin.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

See How They Run

Today's motivational poster:

Monday, September 15, 2008

Truth in Advertising

Here's some facts in case anyone is unclear about the Obama-spinmister:
WHILE campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence.
Politically motivated hypocrite.

How Team Obama Pays Women
‘Now is the time to keep the promise of equal pay for an equal day’s work,” Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said August 28 in his convention acceptance speech...

On average, Obama’s female staffers earn just 83 cents for every dollar his male staffers make...

On average, according to these data, women in John McCain’s office make $1.04 for every dollar a man makes.

"Change"? Yea right. Change begins at home. How about putting some change where your mouth is Obamarama.

Records show McCain more bipartisan
Sen. John McCain's record of working with Democrats easily outstrips Sen. Barack Obama's efforts with Republicans, according to an analysis by The Washington Times of their legislative records.
The rise of Obama has and will mean more partisanship, not less. Is that the "change" people really want?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Today's Exercise in Logic

First there's this, from "It's race against time to save Ike stalwarts":
Only four deaths had been blamed on Ike so far: two in Texas and two in Louisiana.
Then this, from "Report: Metrolink Engineer Texting With Teen Moments Before Killer Commuter Crash":
a wreck that killed 25 people
And finally this "Van Carrying Cheerleaders Crashes Killing 2, Injuring 14"

Moral of the story: When evacuating from a hurricane do not take the train, and be real careful about vans too.

UPDATE: Sadly the Ike toll is up to 30, but even then more than half of those appear to have been in areas not under evacuation orders; I stand by my advice above.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fact Checker Needed

Seeing as all the MSM fact-checkers are busy chasing after Sarah Has-em-Scared Palin, it is obvious they need more fact checkers to keep up with Josephine Biden. He clearly has an issue with truth. Check out the following video of him and see if you can identify the four definite lies and one probable lie in his speech:

Two minutes with Google will show that:
  1. Joe Biden's father moved is family to Delaware to find work, not to escape from the fame shadow of the Caseys
  2. Bob Casey Sr was 10 years older than Joe Biden, not 12
  3. Bob Casey Jr is 18 years younger than Joe Biden, not 12
  4. Joe Biden could not have know Bob Casey Jr in Scranton because his family moved to Delaware before Junior was born
  5. Joe Biden is unlikely to have known much of Bob Casey Sr or made much of any political observations regarding him before Bob Casey went away to college when Joe Biden was 7 years old. He did not return to Scranton until after the Bidens had moved away
The sad thing is that Josephine could have told a very good story, made a connection to Bob Casey Jr and been truthful. Once a pathalogical liar, always a pathalogical liar.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Killer Independent Ad for McCain

If you don't get a tear with this you are inhuman:

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Left Wing Democrat Infection

BDS, an delusional infection affecting much of the Dimmosocicrat leadership, rank and file: Obama might pursue criminal charges against Bush
Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden said yesterday that he and running mate Barack Obama could pursue criminal charges against the Bush administration if they are elected in November.

Oooo, people are really scared Josephine: Is that the best you can do? You've had your MSM donks waling away at Sarah Has-em-Scared Palin for almost 5 days and not a welt, bruise or scratch. You're dealing with a regular joe hockey mom who came out last night and smacked you and your simpering running mate around like chum at a shark-fest.

One small problem with your empty threats: "if", as in "if ... elected". Ain't going to happen. No way. And you can take that to your Delaware bank and smoke it.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Journalistic Creationism

The liberal MSM claim to be against creationism, but they're all for it when it comes to writing stories to attempt to create news that does not exist. What's worse is that they are doing so to attempt to effect a personally favorable political outcome contrary to the apparently emerging will of the majority of Americans. Two examples jumped out to me today.

First, is this attempt by Glen Johnson (AP) to create negative predictions for McCain's presidential run based on a single alleged and unattributed comment from anonymous "Romney ... friends and advisers": Romney readies for White House run if McCain fails. Disgusting.

Even more disgusting are the blatant attempts to create a "Republican strategy" by which Sarah Got-em-Scared Palin withdraws from the Republican ticket:
This is orders of magnitude worse than the Harriet Meyers railroading. If this happens then I, and many other folks will be seriously angry with the MSM for causing it, but even more so with McCain for caving in. He will then absolutely lose the election regardless of who he picks. Jesus Christ as his running mate would not save him.

Sarah Palin's selection really has the libra-Dimma-socialists scared. Please stick with it McCain and Palin and shove the MSM's little power play back down their throat till they choke and pass out. Maybe when they wake up they'll get back to reporting and quite trying to create news.