Sunday, April 17, 2005

Picking a Pope and Spring has Sprung

Tomorrow at The Vatican the cardinals of the Roman Catholic church gather to select a successor to John Paul II. Now I'm no Catholic, but I do find it interesting to read the take of the newsies on the conclave. They seem to think the selection process is some kind of political party chief selection; kind of like Dean and the Democrats. They really have no appreciation of the religious aspect of all this. I have no doubt that church politics will play a role, but I also like to believe that the cardinals will truly seek God's direction in their selection. I wouldn't be surprised if another "dark horse" is selected.

Now to Spring. It was lovely day, almost too warm, here in New England. The snows of winter are long gone, except for the piles of dirt and gravel where the snow banks were and the broken fence posts that I slide into while plowing. Didn't get much done about the dirt and stone, but I did get the fence posts replaced. Maybe some of the children can start working on the gravel in the yard this week.

Enough for this evening.
Take care and God Bless.

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