Saturday, August 06, 2005

New Heights of Political Correctness

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a fan of men's college basketball. For example, I run a March Madness pool over on Yahoo every year. But this coming year I may not. This madness from the NCAA, "NCAA Executive Committee Issues Guidelines for Use of Native American Mascots at Championship Events", might just be enough to make me swear off college basketball.

How is having an Indian Native American nickname, image or mascot associated with an athletic program abusive or hostile? I just don't understand. It is PC at its worst. Every mention of Indians Native Americans related to college athletic programs that I am aware of is in relationship to their warrior ethos. I would think that is a part of their heritage that Indians Native Americans would be proud of and want celebrated.

There is lots of negative sterotypes and imagery of Indians Native Americans that should be avoided; that of being considered "savages" in past centuries, or the prevalance of poverty and alcholism on many reservations, or even the association with casinos and gambling, but that is not what is happening. The NCAA wants no mention whatsoever of Indians Native Americans. Ridiculous.

There are plenty of other things related to athletics that they should be worrying about instead of this misguided, misinformed interference in normal college affairs. Clearly nicknames of a religious nature are next, then they'll probably go after the weather phenomena names, after that who knows, maybe names with colors in them since they might offend the colorblind.

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