Monday, December 05, 2005

Public School Arithmetic

Ran across this little tidbit about elementary school students that had their Christmas tree removed from Oklahoma state Capitol because it was "decorated with discarded lottery tickets". Sounds like another case of PC gone overboard, right? Not so quick:
The teachers went to various convenience stores and got used lottery tickets, which were cut into various geometric shapes and placed on the tree. 'They had been studying about the lottery and understood that the lottery money benefits public schools," Fair said. "They came up with a theme about the gift of education." [emphasis mine]
These so-called teachers were "teaching" these elementary school students that the lottery, which is a most regressive tax on those that are poor with math and can least afford it, is a good thing because some of the money pays their salaries. What a self-serving piece of crock. Not only should that tree never have been done, but the teachers that organized their sly little "exercise" ought to be fired for non-performance, conflict of interest and child abuse by emotional manipulation.

Yet another reason to homeschool.

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