Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Islamic Terrorism and Cowardice

Something has riled me enough to post.

First the event:

Suicide bombing kills 9 in Tel Aviv
Hamas defends attack that killed 9 in Israel

Then the reaction:

EU condemns Israel Bombing
Israel's leaders weigh response to bombing

And the results:

'Islamic terrorism' is too emotive a phrase, says EU
Israel Hits Back After Suicide Blast

Finally the analysis:

The EU condemns with words, but works to pacify terrorists and play nice with them on the side: "Do not speak ill of them or they may become offended." A pox on their cowardly house. History has shown that appeasement of aggressors never works. When that rooster comes home to roost I pray that we are not going to have to go over and drive it out, but I suspect we will.

On the other hand Israel's response is considered, but firm and to the point. "You bomb, you die." I am quite sure further bombing will result in escalating direct responses to the source of the problem. Bravo for them.

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