Monday, August 07, 2006

Hezbollah, Pallyworld and the MSM; Fakery All

Evidence continues to mount of the propaganda war being waged by Hezbollah and the Palestinians against Israel. The Mainstream Media (MSM) continues to play along, if not actually aid and abet this deception.

As background evidence, check out this "“Pallyworld"” video: Quite a documentary.

The second exhibit is the Qana "“bombing"”. The EU referendum is a good place to begin the basic analysis; start at the bottom and work up. Here is addition information on "Mr. Green Helmut" via the Dread Pundent Bluto.

The latest evidence is the doctored photo of Beruit from Reuters, and their admission of complacency, if not guilt. Check out Little Green Footballs for the detailed analysis. Furthermore, take a look at "“original"” photo according to Reuters.

It clearly is still "“photoshopped"”. Observe the patterns in the smoke (circled) of smudged buildings that appear to be larger than and overlay the real buildings in the scene. In the 8:11pm update Saturday LGM notes a possible source for the real original. Add to that smoke copied from some other source with the buildings from that source still there and you get this.

For more evidence, here are other doctored photographs at The Jawa Report and the unluckest woman in Lebanon at Drinking from Home.

The bottom line is you cannot trust what you see from the media. If it sounds too good, or too bad, it probably is.

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