Friday, September 29, 2006

Ignorance is _____

I almost never post about local issues because providing the context required to understand them would be too much for most to read. In this case I have a short message to deliver and don't care about giving context. I'll put some links at the bottom if you want to do your own research.
[soapbox on]
Dear Mr. K.B., your twisted logic implying that I somehow support or am similar to Mr. Bill J. Clinton is totally bassackwards. If you could actually read and comprehend what I've written here and on the BYF then you would know what I think of that particular ex-(thank goodness)-President. Furthermore, your reasoning and ethics are as twisted as his which is why I won't post on your little board. Go away and leave everyone alone.
[soapbox off] Ahh, that feels better.

For everyone else, here is the information needed to get started. Good luck, don't get lost:
Town of Winchendon
Winchendon Backyard Fence Forum

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