Monday, June 04, 2007

Morning Commute Rants

It was raining this morning driving to work. It seemed to bring out the crazies.
  • To 25% of the drivers: It's raining, turn on your lights. The idiot that gets seen before they get hit may be you.
  • To the woman in the Mazda: I don't mind you using your cell phone, just keep driving, or move over into the right hand lane.
  • To the lady in the white Infinity: Smooth move, ex-lax, cutting across traffic to get into the left hand turn lane.
  • To the guy in white work van: Thank you for cutting me off when the right hand lane was wide open; it let me swerve around you on the right. Hint: There was nobody behind me; If you had stayed over in the right lane for, say 5 seconds, you could have easily moved over and saved us both some blood pressure points.
  • To the truck drivers at the entrance to the base: Don't try to come through the barriers until the inspection area is open. You just end up blocking the whole entrance for everyone.
  • To the rent-a-cops in the inspection area: Your job is to inspect the trucks, then get them moving, not chat up the driver then walk around it kicking the tires like you're on a used car lot.
[rant off]

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