Saturday, August 18, 2007

Weekend Tidbits

What's going on in Utah is a real tragedy. I have this depressing sense that the missing miners' families are going to be getting a deal on burial costs because they'll never be able to go in safely and get them.

On a related subject, unions are despicable, particularly the United Mine Workers for trying to blame the tragedy on the fact that the mine is not unionized:
"Were union miners kicked out of the rescue effort? Mine owner rejects allegations; union team is called 'best'". They are worse than ambulance-chasing lawyers.

Terry Francona has never been quick on the uptake; if a reliever already has a history of blowing games for your team PULL HIM OUT as soon as there's any sign of trouble. Eric Gagne needs to go down to Pawtucket NOW. Maybe if he fixes whatever is wrong, tears up the AAA for a month or so, and is willing and able to do spot duty behind the proven relievers they might call him up for the stretch and playoffs.

Venomous Kate over at Electric Venom is running another link-fest. IMNSHO her Caption Contests are some of the best on the net.

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