Saturday, October 06, 2007

Football and Phones

Sorry that it's been over a week since my last post. Much has been going at home and work, and there's been little to catch my eye to blog about. Here are a few tidbits for today

Pro Football is tough sport: I use Yahoo as my preferred online news compilation source, including sports. Going to their sports news page, then to the NFL page I noticed the listed headlines were all about players expected to miss one or more games, mostly for injury reasons:
Tough game.

Yet Another Reason Not to Vote for Rudy Giuliani: Found this Wall Street Journal report via the World Magazine blog;
The fact is that people inside the Giuliani campaign are appalled at the number of times their candidate has felt compelled to interrupt public appearances to take calls from his wife. The estimate from those in a position to know is that he has taken such calls more than 40 times in the middle of speeches, conferences and presentations to large donors.
So his stunt at the NRA convention was not a one-time deal. The article makes it sound like it's ignorance of good manners, but frankly it appears to happen too often for me to believe that. Personally, I think either he doesn't care that he's being rude, or it's an ongoing stunt to show how he's such a "family man." I don't care whether it's arrogance, ignorance, or performance it's yet another reason not to vote for him.

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