Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alabama Tragedy

I'm sure most have heard about this by now. If not here's a page with links to stories about this tragic event.

Today I came across an article with more info on this tragedy: Town comedian hailed as hero in Alabama killings
On Friday, witnesses and authorities said Maloy, the 10th and final victim of Tuesday's shooting rampage by Michael McLendon, single-handedly tried to end the violence with his beat-up old pickup truck.

With gunshots still echoing through downtown Samson and the killer headed toward a bigger city 12 miles away, Maloy chased McLendon's dark red Mitsubishi out of town, ramming the vehicle at least once.

Maloy slowed down the killer briefly, and he may have given police and state troopers time to catch up to McLendon, said Geneva County Chief Deputy Tony Helms. But it cost him his life.
Stories like this make me wish more people could and would carry.

On a larger front, is it me or have there really been more news reports of people committing crimes with guns in the last few weeks since AG Holder announced his idea for a new weapons ban? I would be quite interested in any studies that have been or are being done that show or disprove any correlation between the reporting of gun-involved crimes and gun control-related announcements. I'm not claiming there are any conspiracies, but I also do not believe much in coincidence.

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