Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Gift War (and more)

Yesterday I posted about one of the better April Fools jokes, one that involved President Obama. I wish today's post was also a joke, sadly it is not: British Queen gets personalized iPod from Obama
During their private meeting, President Obama and first lady gave the queen a personalized iPod with video footage of her 2007 visit to Washington and Virginia.
The One continues to act like a cultural moron, trivializing international relations with some of our closest allies (and some of our enemies).

It appears however that the British now understand this and are responding accordingly:
In return the queen and her husband, Prince Philip, gave the Obamas a signed portrait of themselves.
I predict a gift war with the British that would make Monty Python proud.

UPDATE: The gaucheness continues: Did the First Lady Break Protocol? The short answer is "Yes".

UPDATE II: This is beyond gauche: Obama Bows to Saudi King; and it was a full-blown bow, not just a polite head nod of greeting as would be exchanged among equals. His utter lack of understanding of political and social manners and customs is beyond appalling; it will hurt this country in some way some time in the not too distant future. One wonders whether it comes from his background and upbringing, or is it a profoundly misguided attempt to restore "respect for America from other countries" by showing obsequiousness. Either way it's bad news.

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