Monday, November 16, 2009

To Bow or not to Bow (again)

For those who have not seen it here's the picture of The One bowing subserviently to the Emperor of Japan:
Check out the video of his meeting here. Observe not only the bow but his continued ducking of the head while conversing with the emperor and his wife. His whole body language is that of subservience. Once could be a mistake, but this is not the first time; there clearly is a pattern here. Disgusting to see from our head of state.

This quote from the article caught my eye: "an unnamed, senior Obama administration official told the news site that the president had simply been observing protocol." [emphasis added] What protocol? Other heads of state do not observe such protocol. Previous Presidents have not observed such protocol and have been rightly criticized if they even come close. Whoever is advising the President on protocol needs to be replaced. Maybe they think it funny to have him bow subserviently to other foreign leaders but such behavior reflects negatively on our country.

President Obama needs to remember that he is the President of the United States, not some country bumpkin or inner-city gang-banger touring the world for the first time. "Thou need not bow" has been the rule from day one of this country reflecting the core principle upon which this country founded that is we are republic not a monarchy, a nation of equals equal among the nations, bowing to no one and having no one bow unto us.

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