Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Stupid Party" At It Again

RNC fires ‘bondage-gate’ staffer as critics circle Michael Steele

IMNSHO the Republican Party has been handed the November elections on a silver platter by Obama and Pelosi forcing their so-called "health care reform" down the electorate's throat.  It's theirs to lose.  Sadly, stuff like this is exactly what could lose it for us.  The national level party needs to clean up their act, buy a clue, plug into the conservative grassroots and get moving for this election season.

Step one should be to replace Mr. Steele, who seems to keep trying to out-Obama Obama when comes to cluefulness and integrity.  We need a party chair with a wide appeal including the party base, who understands what is happening outside the Beltway, and can connect to and motivate the people on the ground.

Sarah Palin has some of these qualities, but she's not connected well enough to the national party to effectively direct the party apparatus.  I think she's better as an outside agent for change who could then work with a inside reformer and strategist.

I'm not sure who a good replacement would be, but someone like a Thaddeus McCotter would fir the bill.  I would not want to lose his voice in the House, but he has a vision, knows what needs to be done, and is energetic and engaging.

The Tea Party movement is good for energizing the conservative grassroots, but I don't see them becoming a real political party.  The Tea Party energy needs to find a coherent outlet into the political arena.  If the Republican Party does not get it's act together and provide such an outlet then conservatives will continue to be fractured between the themselves, Libertarians, Constitutionalists and others.  The result will be more of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  Shape up, or ship out.

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