Wednesday, February 01, 2006

End of the Spear and Chad Allen

Earlier this moth I posted a short mention of the fact that Chad Allen, who plays Nate and Steve Saint in the End of the Spear, is a practicing, activist homosexual and expressed my disappointment. Today I came across two articles on the Eternal Perspective Ministries web site by Randy Alcorn that provide accurate information and insightful analysis of this issue. The first is Randy's article, and the second is a conversation with the producers of the movie, one of whom is Steve Saint.

Please read both of these articles, particularly if you've read anything else about this controversy, then decide whether you need to change your opinions and actions. I did, and I have. The producers state quite clearly that they did not know about Chad's lifestyle before offering him the part and that claims to the contrary are false. I believe them. They also discuss their motives and actions after learning about Chad's homosexuality. There was no easy answer and I accept their statement that they were following God's direction to the best of their abilities.

The bottom line is that I have been wrong to speak out against this film. I apologize. I probably will not rush out to see it, mostly because I'm not a movie-go'er, but I will watch it if given the opportunity. I have heard that it is a very good movie, rather intense in places and thus not necessarily appropriate for smaller children, but all-in-all very good. Make up your own mind, but please do not base your decision on this movie on Chad Allen's presence in it.

God's Will will be done.

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