Monday, March 20, 2006

Afghan On Trial for Becoming a Christian

I ran across this story from multiple sources (World Magazine, Michelle Malkin, Captain's Quarters). Putting a man on trial, and potentially condemning him to death, for converting from Islam concerns me far more than all the violence in Iraq. This is a form of religious terrorism that we went into Afghanistan, and Iraq, to eradicate. I believe that a basic freedom of religious belief has to exist for any form of democratic society to take hold. If this man is convicted and executed then I believe we have lost Afghanistan to the very forces we attempted to liberate them from.

What is even sadder is the lack of outcry from the MSM and so-called "human rights" NGOs. Where is Amnesty International? Where are the new reports about this atrocity? Where is the UN? The anti-Christian attitudes pervading these groups continues to be evident. The best thing you can do is to pray for strength for Abdul Rahman and that justice will prevail. Then start writing to your Senators, Congressmen, the President and the other groups that should be up in arms over this travesty.

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