Saturday, February 23, 2008

Home Life This Week

Not much to post today. #1 Son and I got home safely yesterday from our respective jobs through the snow storm. There were a few idiot drivers, including one who pulled out in front of me in the center of town as a local policeman sat and watched.

I have noticed that the snow plows are running in much tighter formations on the highways. Get behind a squadron and there is no way you're getting past until they decide to pull over and let you pass. This can make travel on the highways very slow; slower than it needs to be.

Wife and children are still recovering from the loss of one of our does. She had a very long hard labor. The vet came and tried to get the first kid out which was stuck with a turned head. She ended up having to do an emergency C-section to save the kids. 3 of 4 kids made it, 2 bucklings and a doeling, but the doe did not. Everyone is doing better today.

So far this kidding season we've ended up with 4 bucklings and 1 doeling. Usually we raise the bucklings for meat and they get appropriate names, but this year 3 of the 4 bucklings are already designated to be sold as pets and have regular names. I do hope the rest of the kidding season goes better than the first 2 does.

Looking forward to Spring.

p.s. The blog broke 2,500 visit yesterday. Whoopee.

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