Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Superlative Rock Music

Kim du Toit started me on an tour of YouTube rock videos with this post: Purple Patch. I spent most of the hour long wander listening and watching Kansas videosof Kansas, particularly the live ones. They were one of my favorite bands growing up because they played real music (melody, harmonies, structure, layers, point-counterpoint, progression, etc.). Here are some for other's enjoyment:

Apropos song of the day: Can I Tell You
Tour de Force: The Pinnacle
Kansas Purple Patch: Carry On Wayward Son. Reinhardt is right there, then watch him with Walsh during the bongo solo, and how often now do you see the lead sing, ply keyboards and percussion well.
And of course the original enigmatic unplugged Dust in the Wind

Yea, the production values are, well 70'ish, but the music comes through.

UPDATE: An alert reader over at Kim's place noted that for Carry On Wayward Son the video and vocals were not quite in sync with the instruments. Turns out that the vocals were recorded with the video but the music was a studio recording. I think the bongos were also recorded "live". Regardless it's still a bummer because it's not the "purple patch" or "touch the sky" moment I thought it was.

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