Monday, July 07, 2008

How I spent the 4th

Actually most of the week was spent working on a new buck shed for the goats. Here's the progression:

First, I had to move the old 8'x8' shed out of the way by turning it 90 degrees and moving it ~20 feet to it's new temporary location. The skid-steer I rented was very helpful in skidding it around. It came through mostly intact.
Then, I had to build up a platform for the new shed with ~7 yards of stone dust to keep it from flooding out during heavy rains. This is the real reason I rented the skid steer, and what I spent the least amount of time using it for.

Finally came construction, starting with the base built from 4x4 and 1x8 pressure-treated lumber.

And this is how it ended up Sunday evening, framed out but with roofing, sheathing, doors, windows, etc. yet to be done.

Also, I used the skid steer to clean out a section of overgrown brush, and redistribute another 7 yards of crushed base on the driveway.

Of course on the 4th of July I had to do some kind of fireworks. This year it consisted of meeting +100 other people at the Shirley Rod and Gun Club for 4 hours of gun fun.
All in all a very enjoyable week.

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