Thursday, October 09, 2008

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From New England Republican:

FromThe Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiller:

Now, what might that professional, infinitely wise and knowledgeable journalist write to accompany such a photo? We’re glad you asked:

Hey, is that even the right way to hold a rifle? Can’t you shoot your foot off like that?

Just wondering.

From Curmudgeonly & Sceptical:
Steven M. Warshawsky in this American Thinker piece analyzes the polls in a straightforward and compelling manner. His conclusion comports with my own less analytical, but based on the historical record, conclusion that polling data are manipulated to give a desired result. The article is short but concise, so please do read it.

Moreover, the idea – implicit in the daily fluctuations of the polls – that large numbers of American voters are regularly switching back and forth between McCain and Obama makes no sense. Who knows any real people who are going through such mental and political gymnastics?

In short, the polls do not show that Obama is "winning" the race, anymore than they show that McCain is "winning" the race. What they show is that the contest is very close, and will not be decided until election day -- when the American people actually go to the polls and cast their votes.

For the reasons I've stated before, I predict that more votes will be cast for McCain than for Obama.

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