Thursday, October 30, 2008

Maybe Not the Manchurian Candidate

I blogged about this issue last week, but in response to some discussions at an online board I continued to look for information about this whole issue. Eventually I found this site, What's Your Evidence?', which has a great deal of information apparently debunking Berg's claims regarding Obama's citizenship.

After reading
this page, and the referenced documents here and here, I've come to the conclusion that the claim that Obama lost his citizenship when his mother remarried and moved to Indonesia is almost certainly false.

The one question remaining is whether he was really born in Hawaii. If he was born in Kenya, then he may not be a natural born citizen. However, the site referenced above accepts the proffered birth certificate as valid and says there is no real credible evidence to support claims that Obama was born in Kenya.

The more I read and look into things the more I think the Barry is a natural born citizen. Part of me wishes I was wrong, but it probably doesn't matter anyway. Any contrary evidence, if it did exist, is long gone and at this point the electorate does not care.

Obama is still not getting my vote. Whether you put "American", "Kenyan" or "Indonesian" in front of it he's still a "liberal socialist".

p.s. It should be noted that "What's Your Evidence?" is just an Internet site. It may be biased, but I've not seen it, yet; and it may contain factual errors, but have not found any, yet. In the end YMMV.

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