Saturday, July 02, 2005

Requiem for O'Connor

Some on the right, particularly pro-life folks, are glad to see her resign. While I am most certainly pro-life, I'm not sure her resignation is the best thing right now. Obviously one cannot second-guess her personal situation that would cause her to resign, however I would rather see one or more of the liberal justices leave before Justice O'Connor, particularly given the expected resignation of Justice Rehnquist. Although she was more liberal than I like on issues like abortion, she was on the right side of many other cases. I wish her the best.

I don't envy President Bush his choice. He has one vacancy to fill now with another even more important one to come sometime soon. Does he take on the fight now and nominate a clear, hard-core conservative, or go a bit more centrist and save his chips for the bigger battle. Lots of groups, including the Democracts and their far left feminazis are choosing up sides already.

I have no clue who he'll pick. Here's an article that describes some of the potential candidates. Given what I've been reading I'm not sure Alberto Gonzales would be a very good pick. There are better choices, including minorities. He's weak on judical experience and would not generate strong support from either side. Besides, he already has a good job. Somebody like Alito, Garza, Jones, Olson, or Wilkinson would be better IMNSHO. We shall see.

What say you on a replacement?

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