Thursday, July 21, 2005

Second Amendment Comeback

This one is good; very good. Here's an excerpt (and it gets better):
"She went into a rant about how violence creates violence, war is for people who don'’t know how to negotiate (or some such BS) and I was waiting for the famous "You can'’t hug a child with nuclear arms"” drivel, but it never arrived. It probably would have except that as she got a couple sentences into her rant, I started unfolding my Shotgun News and that really made her mad.

Her last line something like "And stupid stickers like that one and stupid people like you will never understand and that really pisses me off!" and it was at full volume, so that folks still sitting in their vehicles around us were able to take notice.

I calmly folded my Shotgun News back up and asked if it made her pissed off enough to try and hit me."

I love it when irony exposes hypocrisy.

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