Saturday, July 02, 2005

Sports Spots

I generally like to spread my posts out instead of two in one day. Ah well, consider it a bonus.

Three sports events caught my notice today:

I was disappointed that Serena, one half of the tennis machine duo, won at Wimbledon. It's better than one of the Belgian tomboys, but I had hoped that the girl next door Lindsey Davenport would win.

I have little use for the French, except that they do put on THE bicycle race. I just wish they'd quit whining and accept the fact that the best, clean cyclist in the last 7 years is an American. Go Lance! That which does not kill you makes you stronger.

The Red Sox need a bullpen. 10 runs in 3 innings has got to be some kind of record for runs given up by a bullpen. Once Schilling gets back they'll have some room to maneuver. If they can find a decent reliever somewhere, somehow, I think they'll make a real good run at putting 2 stakes in the heart of the curse.

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