Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'll say it

Here's the background:

And the answer I have been told is:
Ted at North East Trading

This info was initially received third hand, was confirmed by a second independent party who claimed to have written proof from the individual in question, and is consistent with hints dropped by other people who claim to have been told by this person as well. That is good enough for me.

Said shop is a ways away from me. I have never been there, but if I did happen to be in the area you can bet I will not darken their door while it is under current management.


Update: The cat is out of the bag (or shall I say the rat is out of the hole), finally:


For those of you who don't want to go read the details referenced above here's the summary of what happened:
"A dealer allegedly called CHSB to let them know what BP was doing. CHSB allegedly had the AG's office call said dealer to get further details. From what I could understand of the BP side of things (I went back there ~1PM yesterday), the AG contacted BP early yesterday morning and told them to "cease and desist", retrieve ALL guns sold that were non-compliant or face a $5K/gun fine for those sold. BP contacted all the Glock buyers yesterday morning and I was told that all were "recovered" by afternoon." posted by LenS
"I am NOT going to out the dealer who did this, as I don't care to face any potential legal repercussions in doing so.

The dealer told me to my face that he did it and is proud of what he did. So yes, I think that if anyone broaches the subject with dealers and strikes up the conversation with the right one, he is likely to admit it.

Said dealer also told me that he was reading the NES posts on the Glocks as fast as some of the NES folks were posting them. He also told me that the AG's office was upset with ME and NES for "covering up for BP" by deleting the posts and telling folks not to post that stuff here. So perhaps (my speculation) the AG's office was reading the stuff Wed. night too (we'll never know)?

Yes, we all knew that this wouldn't last very long before being shut down, but some of us had hopes that BP was intentionally doing this to face down the AG, refuse to pay the fines which would necessitate the AG trying to file a lawsuit in a civil court, and having the court perhaps tell the AG to pound sand." also posted by LenS
then almost a week later:
"Here is Ted's post [email actually]:
'Thanks Bill, I appreciate your comments.

Just so you know I wasn’t the first to call, nor was I the last to call. They (management at BP) were notified by more then one person and it was their decision to continue to sell. No, they were not going to and never were going to fight the good fight with the AG. As surprising as it may seem the first notification to the AG was via NES, as NES members came home after their purchase at BP they posted on NES. Lens tried as hard as he could to remove the post but the cat was out of the bag very quickly.

I’m not a member or registered user of NES, if you want to post this on my behalf I have no problem at all.

Again, thanks for your memo.

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