Thursday, November 15, 2007

Trifecta of Political Correctness

"Is it a game or a gamble?" via No Looking Backwards:

Two weeks ago, a state inspector shut down cribbage games and tournaments at American Legion Post 4 in Gardiner.
No cribbage for you!
The Gardiner Legion wasn't the only veterans' organization visited by a state inspector.

Al Michaud, quarter master at the Waterville Veterans of Foreign War, said cribbage is no longer played at that post since a state inspector stopped in.

Or you, or you, or you!
Hanley said he will be working with his legislative aide to craft emergency legislation that will exempt veterans' organizations from licensing fees so their members and spouses can play cribbage at their posts.
This looks like the law of unintended consequences at work, but it really is the law of the big brother nanny-state moving faster than the sheeple are currently willing to accept. It will come back, trust me.

Via Northeast Shooters Forum:

"Ski school’s good deed gets punished"

Last winter, the parents of an 11-year-old boy signed him up for group ski lessons. At the first session, the boy was late and the class had already left for the slopes, so he was linked with a certified instructor who worked with him one-on-one.
After that session, Mr. Gaetz met the boy’s mother. She told him that her son had special needs and expressed her gratitude that he was receiving individual attention, said Mr. Gaetz, who also had determined that the boy couldn’t function safely in a group lesson. So the staff decided that one-on-one attention was the way to go.
So far so good. A business really trying to help their customers, right?
By the second or third lesson, the boy’s father called Richard Patrick, assistant director of the ski learning center, and said he wanted his son mainstreamed into a group lesson. Mr. Patrick told the father that he’d observe the boy’s behavior on the slopes, but by the time he got to the class, the boy had already gone out again with Mr. Gaetz. After that, he said, the boy never showed up for another ski lesson.
Not so right, but it gets better:
But things were about to go downhill. In March of this year, the boy’s father filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, saying Wachusett Mountain subjected his child to “unlawful discrimination” by refusing to provide him with reasonable accommodations for his handicaps, which include Attention Deficit Disorder, learning disabilities and neurobehavioral disorder.
Huh?? Discrimination because they provided individualized instruction appropriate for the boy even though they had not been told the whole story about his challenges? I feel sorry for this boy and his mother; the father truly is wacko.
But the staff would get another shock — last week, Wachusett Mountain was notified that the MCAD found probable cause to believe that it had discriminated against the boy. Both parties and their lawyers are required to attend a “conciliation conference” Jan. 23 in Springfield to explore “voluntary resolution.”
And the state is too! One wonders what kind of lies were spread by the father, and why.

And, "Dog Bite and Being Put Down":

In Princeton, a family dog, Congo, has been declared "vicious" by municipal Judge Russell Annich Jr.. Because of this, he may be ordered put to sleep, this coming Tuesday. His crime? A landscaper came onto the property of the dog's owner, Guy and Elizabeth James, after being told to wait. Congo and the family's other dogs started to bark. One of the landscapers' started hitting the dogs with a metal rake. Elizabeth James started to yell at him to stop. So, the landscaper grabbed Elizabeth, from behind, and pulled her to the ground. Congo, thinking that his owner was being attacked, did what ANY good dog should do. He tried to protect his owner. The landscaper was bitten, and injured, as he should have been. Now, for being a good dog, Congo might be put to sleep.
Judge Annich is totally wrong and out of control, right up there with Judge Pearson: Maybe he too will get his comeupance.

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