Monday, November 26, 2007

Serial Rat

This is a continuation of the "I'll Say It" post:

It turns out that the rat who busted Bass Pro to the Massachusetts Attorney General office, Ted at Northeast Trading Company, has a history of doing this. He's a serial rattist who will sell the gun owners of this state down the river for the almighty buck:
"Well, I do know the dealer in question. This is the third time I know of where he called the AG's office to 'complain'. First time was several years ago about duly licensed MA residents buying ammo out of state and having it shipped to them. The AG's stings followed and you know the rest of the story. Second time was a few months after the first call - complaining about duly licensed MA residents purchasing ammunition components out of state, etc. We all know what happened next. I know about these 2 calls because this dealer told me that he made them (actually the first 'call' was a meeting with the AG himself...). His reason? He was angry that he was losing sales to out of state vendors. Thats right folks. It was all about the U.S. Dollar. Had nothing to do with right or wrong. Nothing to do with integrity, etc. It was, is and always will be about the mighty $$ with him." (posted by qmmo at NES forum)
Because of his actions the legal gun owners of Massachusetts find it very difficult to purchase reasonably priced ammunition. Because of him components are even harder to find. Because of him a chance to fight the extortionate practices of the MA AG was likely squashed.

I was not calling for a boycott before, just making the info known so people could make their own decisions: Now I am. Boycott this scum-of-a-dealer. Anyone who does business with this outfit is no friend of mine. Just so you know who he is here is the address and contact information:

Northeast Trading Company
Rt. 152/580 Kelley Blvd.
North Attleboro, MA 02760
508-695-4852 or 800-473-3006

With friends like Ted at Northeast Trading Company MA gun owners need no enemies.

UPDATE: Check out this site for more commentary on this affair:
Thanks Producer for posting it in the comments.

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