Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Permamnent Telecommuting Look So Nice Some Weeks

I love living out in the country, and actually like to drive, so my normal the 53 mile commute, one way, each day is not a big deal. This week however that 70 minute commute home has turned into 90 to 115 minutes of pure frustration.

Monday was an accident, unseen. It wasn't the one where someone was killed, that happened later that night, but people need to learn to pay attention and drive.

Tuesday was a truck pulled over (broken-down or impounded?) in the break-down lane: Truck, police car, tow truck; people, you've seen them all before, now move along.

Tonight was bumper-to-bumper 35 MPH average, stop and go at times, from I495 to I190. Reason unknown. There were a few sand trucks around but the roads were only wet, not icy or snowy; certainly no reason to dawdle.

It's weeks like this that make me wish my job was such that I could telecommute all the time.

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