Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is That All???

Here reportedly is the full text of the Blagojevich Report to the President Elect. Go ahead and read it, it won't take you long. It contains no bombshells, no startling revelations, no smoking guns, no real contradictions with most of what has been said before. Many are saying that it shows no wrong-doing on the part of Obama or his staff; case closed.

Not so fast.

What struck me is what this report does not contain. If one of my people brought me such a document my response would be "Nice summary. Where's the rest? Where is the analysis of what evidence that might exist? Where is the listing of materials requested, from whom, when and when they were received, or not? Where is the accounting of the evidence that was actually reviewed? Where is the analysis of the consistency of that evidence? Where are the transcripts of the emails and phone calls examined, the transcripts of the interviews conducted?" I would expect that an actual report on this incident should be dozens of pages long, with appendices of supporting material. This does not cut it.

Thus this report actually proves nothing. It asserts that no wrong-doing took place, but presents no actual evidence presented to support its assertions. It's a great press release. A report? Not even close. FAIL! Try again!

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