Thursday, December 18, 2008

U.S. House of Lords

Is what our Senate seems to be becoming with the expected appointment of dilettante Caroline Kennedy to replace carpetbagger Hillary Clinton as NY senator. Here's a telling quote from this NY Times article:
Her uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, is struggling with terminal brain cancer, and his illness has forced members of his extended family to contemplate the possibility that the Senate could be left without a Kennedy for the first time in a half century.
Horror upon horrors, no member of the Kennedy family in the Senator. So what!! No family is in any way entitled to any seat in any part of our government. To imply such is completely antithetical to the fundamental principles this country was founded upon over 200 years ago.

Sad to say this is not the only harbinger of the political stratification of this country. One only needs to look at the hysterical antics of Pelosi and her minions in the House and the near-regal treatment of the current president-elect through and after the election to see some parallels to the British House of Commons and Monarchy. I do hope we don't end up with our own King George the III.

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