Saturday, February 14, 2009

Done Deal

I've not blogged on the stimulus bill because there was more than enough information out there for anyone who wanted to know. There wasn't much I felt I could add to the debate. Also it was pretty clear it was going to pass regardless of what anyone said.

Interesting though is the fact that it did pass given there was much public hue and cry about the fraud, waste and abuse in this bill. Furthermore, I've only met a few people that were for the bill, and they're involved in our local government which will be receiving money from this bill. Much of the reporting and public opinion was critical of this bill, yet it still passed. Why?

For example, back in 2007 immigration reform legislation was introduced with strong support from the President and the leadership of both parties, yet that legislation failed spectacularly. Public opinion at the time was very divided but it seemed to me that there was more public support for that legislation than there was for this bill. Why did that one fail and this one pass?

I suspect either people were not contacting their Congress-critters this time around to express their displeasure; or, more likely, Congress simply ignored the opinion of their constituents and did what they wanted this time. Yet another example of politics as usual.

For those of you who what to do something about the politics as usual here are links to the roll call votes in the House and the Senate:
Initial House vote
House vote on final compromise bill
Vote to end debate (filibuster) in Senate
Initial Senate vote
Senate vote on final compromise bill
I encourage you to look up your Senators and Representative and express your opinion of them regarding this bill in word and at the ballot box.

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