Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rat Resurfaces

The rat that is Northeast Traders resurfaces again:
It seems that while every store in the state sells them. They are not on the approved Roster. I came into work last night to find them all locked up back in the cage.

It seems someone came into the store, I was told, on Saturday to return a 22A that he bought from Bass Pro.

From what I was told yesterday by several different people...

He went into Northeast Trading and was talking about the 22A he bought from Bass Pro. He was told by someone there that it was a felony to own the pistol, and he needed to take it back.

So, he came back on Saturday, as I posted above, and was freaking out that he was going to go to Jail and demanded that we take it back.

So, we took it back, we removed them from the shelves.
As I've said before with regard to their history, Northeast Trading is a lying, scum of the earth dealer who is an enemy of gun owners in Massachusetts and should be boycotted by us all. Just so you know who he is here is the address and contact information:

Northeast Trading Company
Rt. 152/580 Kelley Blvd.
North Attleboro, MA 02760
508-695-4852 or 800-473-3006
Read, heed and avoid

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