Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2A Rights in Massachusetts

Another legislative season has come to a close in MA. Here's a summary of RKBA-related bills courtesy of GOAL (see this page for full details):
  • Governor's Fee Increase - The Governor's proposal to increase firearm license fees was defeated thanks to the quick action of Rep. Denis Guyer in filing an amendment to remove the increased fees from the bill...
  • SCOTUS Resolution - The senate decided not to take part in the resolution offered by Rep. George Peterson recognizing the Heller decision and so it was offered as a House resolution only. The resolution was amended to remove the references to Article XVII of the Massachusetts Constitution because the U.S. Supreme Court didn't rule on that matter. After being amended, the House voted 115 - 40 to approve the resolution! A very strong showing for the recognition of the Second Amendment Ruling.
  • S.1401 - GOAL's version of the Katrina bill filed by Senator Richard Moore was passed in both the Senate and the House and is waiting final enactment prior to going to the Governor's desk. This final step can normally happen in an informal session and should be completed next week. Another great victory for lawful gunowners.
  • H.3991 The Governor's Lawful Citizen's Imprisonment Act - Thanks to the efforts of our members contacting the Joint Committee on the Judiciary, the Governor's H.3991 bill never left the Committee and was thus defeated for the legislative session.
Overall well done, at least in not losing ground, and taking back a few hillocks. Hopefully with the Heller decision to build on more can be done in coming sessions.

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