Sunday, August 24, 2008

Josephine Biden

Joe Biden is like my in-law's dog. They got a lhasa apso named Josephine some years ago. Josephine is a stereotypical yap dog; all bark, no bite. The first time we saw them after they got the dog all she did was bark and growl at me, yet she would move away whenever I walked or moved in her direction. I tried to make friends, but no dice. After a few years of this I gave up. Now I ignore her while she yaps away until my in-laws get feed up and admonish her to stop or put her in her cage. May it be the same with Loose-Lips Biden. Cheap-Talk McCain should just ignore him. Eventually his yapping will annoy everyone and Obamarama will have to shut him up, if he can, or maybe throw him under the bus with his other former friends and supporters, although it might be a bit crowded under there.

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