Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bentley Flames Out Snuffing Floridia Outpouring

I thought I had posted something about Todd Bentley and the "Florida Outpouring" (also known as the Lakeland Revival) a while back but looking back I could not find it. My DW and I did some serious looking into this and determined that it, like the Toronto Blessing and Brownsville Revival before it, had some very serious issues. I won't go into all the details here but the bottom line is this "revival" was all about rampant emotionalism and being the Todd Bently show with little of God to it.

Sadly, but not totally unexpectedly, I read today of Todd Bently's fall:
Evangelist Bentley stepping down
Todd Bentley will step down as head of Fresh Fire Ministries, after the ministry revealed he had an "unhealthy relationship" with a female staffer. That announcement comes one week after Bentley's ministry announced he and his wife were separating.
The referenced announcements are here and here.

I do pray that Todd really finds God through these difficulties, and learns that when you build your faith upon emotions it's those very same emotions that will bring you down.

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