Friday, January 30, 2009


Absolute utter junk full of evolutionary stereotypes. Here are some representative excerpts:
Eight kids at once. The mind boggles. The mind is also pretty creeped out by the thought of one tiny baby after another coming out of a woman as if she were a mouse.
And so the very nature of what it takes to be an adult human puts constraints on how many children a mother can have at a time.
Take a look at a naked woman and see for yourself how many babies a woman is designed to care for - two, at most.
It doesn't seem right to have that many kids at once because it isn't right in the evolutionary sense.
chances are it will be a very long time before that mother reproduces again
Meredith Small appears to have written quite a number of books and articles with parenting advice, and some things she says seems to make some sense, but following the evolutionary mindset toward its logical conclusion leads to this kind of crap. Then again IMNSHO getting parenting advice from a primate anthropologist is like trying to have your car repaired by bicycle historian.

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