Tuesday, September 30, 2008

CBS Hatchet Job

I finally got to see Sarah Has-em-Scared Palin's interview with Karie Couric via YouTube

I thought it was a rather poor interview by Katie Couric and CBS. Katie Couric was clearly trying to attack Senator McCain through Sarah Palin: Her repeating the same questions when they had already been answered made her partiality even more evident.

Also, the questions aired were clearly not the only ones asked as evidenced by the break in venue after the first question. I'm curious where the rest of the interview is and wondering whether CBS cherry-picked only the tough ones.

Even with all that I though Sarah Palin did pretty well. Her response about the American people not supporting the bailout package was downright prescient. She kept her poise pretty well in the face of a hostile, obdurate interniewer.

I only wish she had showed more "barracuda". She should have hit the first and last questions right back at the pitcher, hard. Something like this:
"There is no conflict of interest with Mr. Davis, he has no financial connection to Fannie or Freddie; and while we're discussing that point why not look at how much Fannie and Freddie have contributed directly to Senators Obama and Biden. I might suggest there is far more appearance of conflict of interest there than with Senator McCain or any of his staff."
"You've already pointed out one recent case, which is more than Senators Biden and Obama have. I would think that question would be better answered by your CBS researchers and fact-checkers. I don't have Senator McCain's entire 22 year Senatorial history memorized, as it is rather lengthly unlike Senator Obama's, but I'm sure your researchers can find other instances if they were so inclined.
And so the beat goes on.

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