Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Journalistic Creationism

The liberal MSM claim to be against creationism, but they're all for it when it comes to writing stories to attempt to create news that does not exist. What's worse is that they are doing so to attempt to effect a personally favorable political outcome contrary to the apparently emerging will of the majority of Americans. Two examples jumped out to me today.

First, is this attempt by Glen Johnson (AP) to create negative predictions for McCain's presidential run based on a single alleged and unattributed comment from anonymous "Romney ... friends and advisers": Romney readies for White House run if McCain fails. Disgusting.

Even more disgusting are the blatant attempts to create a "Republican strategy" by which Sarah Got-em-Scared Palin withdraws from the Republican ticket:
This is orders of magnitude worse than the Harriet Meyers railroading. If this happens then I, and many other folks will be seriously angry with the MSM for causing it, but even more so with McCain for caving in. He will then absolutely lose the election regardless of who he picks. Jesus Christ as his running mate would not save him.

Sarah Palin's selection really has the libra-Dimma-socialists scared. Please stick with it McCain and Palin and shove the MSM's little power play back down their throat till they choke and pass out. Maybe when they wake up they'll get back to reporting and quite trying to create news.

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