Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Obamanations

I don't normally listen to Rush but I found this report very interesting. (the audio can be found at the end of this post at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical). Here are some interesting quotes from Rush's report:
The president, in order to let everybody be heard, deferred to various Democrats, and every one of the Democrats -- Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, and Frank -- declined to speak and deferred to Obama. So Obama became the official Democrat spokesman in the meeting. This was to hype Obama's leadership and presidential aura and so forth. What happened next, the first thing out of Obama's mouth -- Paulson is in the meeting -- is he starts ripping the House Republican proposal and asks Paulson what he thinks of it...
It ended up with Obama essentially chairing the meeting, with the meeting falling apart. The president was described as "beleaguered," trying to regain control of the meeting. McCain didn't say hardly anything. Everybody was yelling and screaming in there. McCain did not. He said, "We've gotta put these differences aside, work together," you know, typical McCain...
You see, Obama did not defend the Democrat position on this. He led off with an attack on the Republican position, as though it was a shock and a surprise, under the auspices that this deal had already been agreed to...
So this whole meeting yesterday essentially was established to show off Obama's leadership skills and negotiating skills, and he blew it!
So, contrary to LameStream media reports and the Dhimmocrat leadership it was their boy, the Obamanator, who was responsible for the breakdown, not Has-a-brain McCain.

Do we want such an incompetent liar in charge of our country? I think not. Maybe he should stick to what he does best:

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