Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fact Checker Needed

Seeing as all the MSM fact-checkers are busy chasing after Sarah Has-em-Scared Palin, it is obvious they need more fact checkers to keep up with Josephine Biden. He clearly has an issue with truth. Check out the following video of him and see if you can identify the four definite lies and one probable lie in his speech:

Two minutes with Google will show that:
  1. Joe Biden's father moved is family to Delaware to find work, not to escape from the fame shadow of the Caseys
  2. Bob Casey Sr was 10 years older than Joe Biden, not 12
  3. Bob Casey Jr is 18 years younger than Joe Biden, not 12
  4. Joe Biden could not have know Bob Casey Jr in Scranton because his family moved to Delaware before Junior was born
  5. Joe Biden is unlikely to have known much of Bob Casey Sr or made much of any political observations regarding him before Bob Casey went away to college when Joe Biden was 7 years old. He did not return to Scranton until after the Bidens had moved away
The sad thing is that Josephine could have told a very good story, made a connection to Bob Casey Jr and been truthful. Once a pathalogical liar, always a pathalogical liar.

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