Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain Pummels Obamarama

"Pundits: No clear-cut winner"
Given the bent of the LSM this tells me that McCain won. Personally I didn't watch because we watch very little TV and I've already made up my mind.

The quote that really got me was:
“I’d say a tie is a good thing for the guy who was behind.”
This was from Mr. Castellanos, a so-called Republican strategist, talking about Senator McCain. from what I can tell he appears to be a big government, friend-of-business centrist-left Republican. He's apparently advising McCain, after working on Big-Hair's failed campaign. With friends like that who needs enemies. Has-a-Brain needs to trim his gaggle of advisors.

+1 week ago McCain was in the lead according to the pundits and polls. A week later he is supposedly behind. Personally I think this is due to a combination of factors. First are the concerted efforts by the LSM to push their favorite son. This results in an inbred bias in all their polls and reporting.

The second factor I think is a shift that I believe has taken place in the financial sector. Traditionally big business and finance has been viewed as the domain of the Republican party. I believe that has changed as evidenced by the emergence of high profile hard-core Dhimmocrat supporters such Soros and Buffett. Hence I suspect a, maybe the, tipping factor in the fear and uncertainty that triggered the bank and mortgage crisis at this time was McCain's rise in the polls; a recognition that he could win and their favorite might lose. I have no proof per say, so you'll have to draw your own conclusions, but I do not believe much in coincidences.

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